Navman Wireless GPS Fleet Management and Tracking solution can offer the following benefits for organisations:
Help increase productivity:

Lip -8050V

aeroHave full visibility of your resources with near real-time information, allowing staff to redirect or dispatch the closest driver to service jobs or deliveries
aeroIncrease the number of jobs completed or customers serviced per day
aeroMonitor individual performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Help improve efficiency:

Lip -8040L

aeroDispatch messages to one or all members of a fleet in a single click
aeroSimplify communication in one simple operation
aeroImprove allocation of planned and reactive jobs
aeroImprove reaction time with the ability to dispatch the nearest vehicle to a job
aeroMessage job details directly to the vehicles
aeroReduce misunderstandings caused by human error
aeroAutomate manual process and reduce driver paperwork
aeroMonitor job completion rates

Help reduce costs:

Lip -8024D

aeroSave time and money by streamlining field communication with two-way messaging
aeroReduce fuel and maintenance costs through reducing unnecessary mileage and vehicle wear and tear

Improve customer service:

Lip -8024D

aeroProvide accurate delivery/arrival times to customers or proactively inform them of delays
aeroProvide proof of delivery or service
aeroAccurately bill for time at client’s location
aeroQuickly resolve billing disputes with verifiable GPS reports

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